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Band Email:
We cherish your letters, poetry, photos and artwork! Fan mail can be sent to the following address:
One-Eyed Doll Fan Mail
(ATTN: Kimberly and/or Junior)
PO BOX 80017
Austin, TX 78708 USA
If you have something that you'd like signed and returned to you, send it to the above address. Please include a little note telling us who we should sign to, a return address, and maybe a couple of bucks to help out with return postage. 
Thanks to our AMAZING fans for always making us feel so specia


We're very happy to autograph and return stuff for our fans. People usually send us magazines, photos and CD's, but really anything goes. You'd be surprised at the bizarre requests we get. We quite enjoy them. :)

Here are some pointers on sending us an autograph request.




1. Write us a note
Hey, we're not autograph robots. Write us a love note and say something about yourself! We really cherish these... You can make it creative or simple. We love both kinds!


2. Make a Request
Make sure to specify who you'd like your stuff signed to. If it's for you, say so. If it's meant to be a gift for someone else, write out the person's name very clearly so we can read it! If there's no specific request, we'll just sign it without a name. Also make sure to specify who you'd like to sign it! That would be Junior or Kimberly - or both! :)

3. Protect your stuff.
Imagine that Homer Simpson will be handling your mail, and take necessary precautions to ensure your stuff isn't damaged on the way to us. Go overboard on the bubble wrap around your CD, cut out some cardboard to enclose your magazine in, get a hard plastic case for your AdventureQuest Worlds trading card.. You get the idea. ;)

4. Enclose an S.A.S.E. 
S.A.S.E. stands for, "Self-Address Stamped Envelope". This is something that is extremely helpful to us and might get your stuff mailed back to you much more quickly.




NOTE: The following steps also apply to a box or any other type of package. We'll just say "envelope" for simplicity.


Find two envelopes. Ideally, one will be slightly larger than the other. Both envelopes need to be large enough to hold whatever you want to send.


On the smaller envelope, write your own address in the lower middle, as if you were going to send yourself a letter.. Put the item to be signed by us into that envelope.


On the larger envelope, write One-Eyed Doll's PO Box address as the "to" address in the lower middle, as if you were going to send us a letter.. Put YOUR address in the top left corner.


Go to the post office and let the clerk know that you're making an S.A.S.E.. Ask the clerk to now weigh the smaller unsealed envelope with the item inside and put the correct postage onto it.



Enclose into the larger envelope the following things:
1. The smaller unsealed envelope containing the item, now with postage on it.
2. A love note and request.
3. A check or money order for $100. Just kidding. 


Seal the larger envelope and mail it off to us.


Patiently await it's return!!!



Here's our address:

One-Eyed Doll Autograph Request
ATTN: Kimberly and/or Junior
PO Box 80017
Austin, TX 78708  USA


We look forward to hearing from you and signing your stuff with extra TLC!!! Thanks so much to the BEST FANS EVER!!!!!

-kimberly and junior


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