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Date Event Location
New York, NY - One-Eyed Doll The Studio @ Webster Hall, New York, NY The Studio @ Webster Hall, New York, NY
Cincinnati, OH - One-Eyed Doll Thompson House, Cincinnati, OH Thompson House, Cincinnati, OH
South Bend, IN - One-Eyed Doll Cheers Pub, South Bend, IN Cheers Pub, South Bend, IN
Louisville, KY - One-Eyed Doll Expo Five, Louisville, KY Expo Five, Louisville, KY
St. Louis, MO - One-Eyed Doll The Demo, St. Louis, MO The Demo, St. Louis, MO
Springfield, MO - One-Eyed Doll Outland Ballroom, Springfield, MO Outland Ballroom, Springfield, MO
New Orleans, LA - One-Eyed Doll Southport Hall, New Orleans, LA Southport Hall, New Orleans, LA
Fort Worth, TX - One-Eyed Doll The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX
Austin, TX - One-Eyed Doll Dirty Dog Bar, Austin, TX Dirty Dog Bar, Austin, TX
Houston, TX - One-Eyed Doll Scout Bar, Houston, TX Scout Bar, Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX - One-Eyed Doll Fitzgerald's, San Antonio, TX Fitzgerald's, San Antonio, TX
Lubbock, TX - One-Eyed Doll Jake's Backroom, Lubbock, TX Jake's Backroom, Lubbock, TX
Tulsa, OK - One-Eyed Doll The Vanguard, Tulsa, OK The Vanguard, Tulsa, OK
Kansas City, MO - One-Eyed Doll Aftershock, Kansas City, MO Aftershock, Kansas City, MO
Wichita, KS - One-Eyed Doll The Elbow Room, Wichita, KS The Elbow Room, Wichita, KS
Colorado Springs, CO - One-Eyed Doll Sunshine Studios Live, Colorado Springs, CO Sunshine Studios Live, Colorado Springs, CO
Denver, CO - One-Eyed Doll Moe's , Denver, CO Moe's , Denver, CO
Salt Lake City, UT - One-Eyed Doll Area 51, Salt Lake City, UT Area 51, Salt Lake City, UT
Las Vegas, NV - One-Eyed Doll The Dive Bar, Las Vegas, NV The Dive Bar, Las Vegas, NV
Phoenix, AZ - One-Eyed Doll Club Red , Phoenix, AZ Club Red , Phoenix, AZ
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The Halloween Tour is ON!

We're out right now with Stitched Up Heart and Run 2 Cover. The first two shows in Portland and Seattle were AMAZING!

Come on out and see us. Wear a costume - or your One-Eyed Doll shirt.. or both! :)

Dates and tickets HERE.

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The Legendary Women of Sleepy Hollow
We filmed a good part of Afflicted in Sleepy Hollow (shown here), along with Danvers (formerly Salem Village, where the Salem Witch Trials occurred), Salem City and New York City. Not only was it the dead of Winter, but it happened to be RIGHT after the biggest and baddest freeze of the year. Brrrr, but oh so pretty! Luckily, we had some phenomenal ladies on our cast and crew who stuck it out and helped transform the cold into pure cinematic treasure on the first day of shooting!
See the haunting spirit of the deceased on the left? That's none other than Olga Turka!! She's been our wardrobe stylist since our very first Patrick Kendall video. I've always wanted to get her into a video with me, and this time I got my wish! She was a champ through the extreme conditions and limited amenities. What a woman!

The lovely ghost on the right is that of the multi-talented and gorgeous Scottish singer/actress Margaret Kelly. Margaret had a strong and warm way about her that thawed my heart at the coldest of moments!! Check out her group, The Highland Divas. She's very cool, very smart, and so talented! A total pro. I'd love to see her on stage!
Above is Moonbeam, our starlet soul and gracious hostess in Sleepy Hollow. Without her and her husband Jeff's help, we really wouldn't have been able to pull off some of the most important parts of the video. I even got to wear her magical cloak for some of it, but that's for another post. Thank you, Moonbeam for sharing your home, wardrobe, radiant beauty and talent with us! 

Now go back and notice the crosses in the top photo. Those were hand crafted out of random wood and twig findings by Alyssa Vandall, our Art Director and protege of the great special effects fabricator and makeup artist Anthony Giordano. This chick is BAD TO THE BONE. She's got to be one of the most intelligent, gifted and creative people in the universe - no joke. This girl is seriously going places. She was digging snow, climbing trees, creating props on the spot out of NOTHING and solving every pickle that we got into with her puzzle-solving super mind, all in zero degree super storm conditions. In the event of apocalypse, I'm finding Alyssa for my best chance at survival.
I'm so humbled and honored to have worked with these outstanding women and would welcome them onto any production I'm involved with! All of my gratitude to you!