Check out our brand new websiiiite! I made it myseeelf!

Frog DanceThanks so much to Jonny Flash for helping me deal with the switcharoo process. All that back end server DNS crap is not my thing, I'm telling you.. but Jonny is a wizard! See his wonderful website, VHPSTUDIOS.COM right HERE and hire him for something nerdy. Also buy his album, on which I am a backup singer!

Not only do we have this shiny new website, but we also have all these new internety things! CHECK THEM OUT!


Junior has been toiling over this thing.. We hope it'll be the new hub for One-Eyed Doll fans! Our last forum is all bye bye, and this is our new one. Check it out and be one of the first to make a post!!!


LOADED with brand new merch.. Seriously, I just put over 20 new posters up! This store is so cool. I'm able to list short-run items like my little handmade doodads and junk.. Also one-off things and randomness!!! Keep it bookmarked, cause I'm listing stuff every day!

20% OFF discount code:

We are finally relaunching the street team!!! You can register HERE - then hop onto the forum and introduce yourself! We're going to be looking for enthusiastic leaders in every town who can help us achieve WORLD DOLLMINATION!!! So consider being a leader in your town. More info on the registration page.

Definitely click around the site and let us know if there are any weird little issues that we missed.. Broken links, etc. I've been staring at this screen for so long, I'm not even sure what my name is. Wait.. KIMBERLY! It's definitely Kimberly. Okay that's good.

Make yourself useful and beta test!

Love and Gratitude,


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